Famous Ancient Greek People Facts

Where do you start when discussing famous ancient Greek people? The list of famous and important people from this ancient civilization is very long. Names like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, and of course Alexander the Great jump to mind. They were just a few of the numerous, famous, and important people who made amazing contributions in such fields as philosophy, politics, science, architecture, literature, and art. Greek society, with its emphasis on education and the rights of citizens, fostered the development of these great people and enabled them to reach their full potential. Ancient Greek civilization lasted for centuries with its culture reaching its peak in the fourth and fifth centuries BC.

In this section of Ancient Greece Facts (Famous Ancient Greek People Facts) we list many of the important people in ancient Greek history. Here we list 10 of them along with a short description of what made them famous; for some you will find links to a detailed biography. As with all our pages this information is written in such a way that both kids and adults can understand and find interesting.

Famous Ancient Greek People List

Conclusion - Famous Ancient Greek People Facts

The 10 famous ancient Greek people listed above are just a few of the interesting, important, and well known people who lived in ancient Greece. This list could have easily extended to 20, 30, or more people .Please explore the other pages of this site for information about many aspects of this amazing society. We will be adding more pages periodically.