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When it comes to a discussion of ancient Greek wars and battles there is perhaps no more important battle that the Battle of Salamis. This incredible naval battle between a coalition of Greek city-states and the Persian Empire took place in 480 BC. It would be one of the last battles of the Persian Wars. The Greek victory was the turning point in that war; halting to what at that point was an unstoppable Persian invasion. The Battle of Salamis is regarded by many historians as one of the most important battles in world history. The Greek victory in the battle followed by their winning the war was the reason why this ancient civilization would not become part of the Persian Empire. Due to the victory, Greek civilization would flourish and entered its golden age. Indeed world history might have taken a significantly different direction had the Greeks not won the Persian Wars. The Athenian culture would not have been able to flourish and therefore would not have been able to make its great contributions to democracy, philosophy, and science.

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